What is your roadmap to a six-figure income?

In this era where training programs are a dime a dozen, how can one verify the validity and authenticity of a apprenticeship program? All of us know quite a few people in our circles who have been scammed in the name of online earnings. Let’s explore how to detect scams and build a sustainable roadmap to a six-figure income.


What does a scam look like?

Sustainable earnings demand time, effort, and practice. Ask these questions to detect scammers.


  • Is it a short program of a few weeks to introduce you to basic tools and platforms or will it cover advanced topics too?
  • Does the trainer have relevant projects and at least five years of industry experience in the topic they are teaching?
  • What kind of support is provided to students during program and post-program?
  • Exact graduation criteria?
  • Dropout rate high or low?
  • What about the program fee? Is it reasonably high or low?

What are the qualities of a good technical training program?

Students need to internalize that there is no shortcut to success. Anyone saying otherwise is lying or cheating you. Based on decades of experience of our team we identified the following qualities of a good technical training program


  • They are generally six to twelve months long
  • Students invest at least 40 hours per week hands-on learning
  • Faculty has five to ten years of industry experience
  • Coordinators are present during program and post graduation to provide one on one support
  • Program guarantees employment post-graduation
  • Fee is justified for the services provided


Where can you find such a technical training program in Pakistan?


Institute of Emerging Careers is an online learning platform which transforms the lives of the students by providing them the top-notch training in web3 technologies.
With over 100 graduates in six in-demand web3 technologies, they have carved a name for themselves.

Ahmad Bilal, our cloud computing graduate, shares his experience as,
My learning experience in IEC was transformative. It provided me with the tools and skills necessary to succeed both personally and professionally. I particularly appreciated the supportive and inclusive environment, which helped me overcome my feelings of depression and self-loathing. I’m grateful for the recognition I received as a result of my hard work, and I will always be thankful for the impact this program has had on my life.

Another graduate, Kiran Mughal from our UX Design course, express herself saying,
The IEC learning experience was a game-changer for UX design skills, offering expert instructors, fostering hands-on learning and personal attention to master intricacies of the field. This led to not just a deeper understanding of UX design but also important skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, having a significant impact on personal and professional growth. Proud of what was accomplished, and highly recommend IEC to anyone seeking to enhance their UX design skills.”



What is the roadmap to six figure income through the IEC Tech Apprenticeship Program?


What makes our Apprenticeship program unique is that we ensure employment post-graduation. 30% of our students find employment while studying in our program by implementing the techniques we taught them.
Our roadmap is simple. It can be summarized as below

  • Day 00 to 60: Students learn technical skills
  • Day 60 to 120: Students build projects and find internships
  • Day 120 to 180: Students learn advanced skills and work in remote teams on industry projects

We have seen that those who make it till the end of the program find it easy to find employment in the local market. Our alumni community and coordinators provide support wherever needed. We invite you to connect with our graduates, read about their experiences, and talk to our team before making a decision. You can schedule an exploratory call with our acquisition team here or apply for our next cohort here.