5 tips to help you how to study better

While we all understand the importance of studying, it can be pretty challenging for every individual to overcome their workload, especially in the face of deadlines. The universal problem faced by millions of students is: how to study efficiently? It is important to understand that sometimes previous study habits don’t work in a different situation. It is important to establish a functional solution.

Rather than creating unrealistic schedules to cram at the very last minute, here are a few tips to follow for an efficient study session every day:


Change your surroundings


Every student in the world is guilty of studying in their bed. While it is comfortable and the easiest option, it can have a negative effect on your productivity. Studies suggest that sitting up straight on chairs and changing your environment can motivate you to complete your tasks faster. As simple as changing rooms in your house or going outside will do the trick.  

That way, at the end of the day, you can reward yourself by lying on the bed. 


Establish your academic needs ranking


Exam time can be overwhelming for every person with multitudes of responsibilities to complete to get to the other side. In this scenario, sorting out your work in terms of deadline, importance and how much learning it requires can help you prioritize the most difficult tasks first so that you can have a head start on them.


Take breaks


Burning the midnight oil is not the answer to effective studying sessions or even beneficial to your health. Taking a small break after every hour can help reset your mind for the next hour. A 5-10 minute rest consisting of eating a snack, drinking water and giving your eyes a break from constant strain will make you feel better.


Cut off your distractions


Picking up our phone while doing an important task is a mistake we all have made and regret afterwards. While it can be difficult to follow through, all students must be persistent to not use mobile phones as they can derail your productivity. Additionally, remove any disturbances that won’t be helpful.   


Treat yourself


Studying can be emotionally exhausting and have a bad impact on your mental health. Therefore, it is beneficial to reward yourself with simple treats during your session and at the end of the day as well. This will motivate you to begin the next day and keep going till the end .


IEC graduates come from different walks of life and establish their study schedules accordingly:


UX Designer Apprentice

Meet Kiran, our UX Designer apprentice. She was only a high school graduate when joined IEC. She had limited internet access and her routine was to wake up early in the morning and dedicate two focused hours to her study.  



Cloud Computing Apprentice


Meet Ahmad, our Cloud Computing apprentice, followed multiple techniques such as creating a study schedule, making an organized calendar, engaging in class discussions, collaborating with fellow students and most importantly, seeking help when it is needed.