Kiran’s Journey from IEC Apprentice to an IEC Teaching Assistant

Kiran Moghul’s journey is enough evidence of how hard work and determination can help you achieve your goals. As one of our four female graduates of Cohort 1, she is one of the initial students who took a chance on IEC in 2021 to further her skills and develop a career in UX design.

Belonging to the small city of Chakwal in Punjab, she was searching for different online course opportunities when she came across the Institute of Emerging Careers. Our goal and team stood out to her as they aligned with her career aspirations in Tech. With our promise to help graduates find a job in the market, this was a game-changer for her as she applied to our program.

Her experience with IEC was life-changing as she has become one of our most successful graduates. In her own words, she said, “The instructors, including my UX mentor and English training teachers, have been super helpful, providing me with extra guidance whenever I reach out. Besides providing a skill, IEC trains students to make CVs and freelance to land their first job. Thanks to IEC, I achieved my three-year goals in just 1.5 years and now have a job and a clear idea of what skills and knowledge I need to reach the next milestone in my career.”

Currently, Kiran is working as UX and Product designer at Mudirr, a software development organization. She specializes in developing user-centered design solutions, standardized design systems, and analyzing user behavior to create intuitive and compelling experiences. Even more so, for more than one year, she has been working at IEC as a UX Design Teaching Assistant who helps students transition into design and guides them while creating their case studies and portfolios.

Kiran Said, “I am grateful to be a part of the IEC community and have even started helping other students besides my job. The impact of the program has been significant, and I am excited to see what the future holds.”

She has long since been an integral and active part of our community and contributes back her learning to our current talented students.