How IEC is Challenging the Status Quo on Learn and Earn

IEC is testing the traditional learning experience by offering a more flexible and personalized approach to education. We are breaking away from the traditional model of one-size-fits-all education. Instead, we are tailoring our offerings to the specific needs and goals of individual learners and the demand for such skills in the field. 


One way that IEC is challenging the status quo is by creating a framework of “Learn and Earn” by offering a wide range of flexible learning options, including online courses, self-paced programs, and evening and weekend classes. This allows individuals to choose the format and schedule that works best for them, and to fit education into their lives. 


Another way is by providing hands-on learning opportunities, such as project-based courses. This approach allows learners to apply what they have learned in real-world settings, and to gain practical experience in their field of interest. As well as help bridge the gap between education and workforce requirements. 


In addition, IEC provides job search assistance to our students including resume writing tips and interview preparation. And, by establishing partnerships with businesses, organizations, and employers we aspire to provide earning opportunities to our apprentices based on the skills they have learned. And, sharing job listing offers with our graduates who have completed the IEC Tech Apprenticeship Program to further their professional development. 


‘Learn and Earn’ are two interconnected concepts, that IEC adopted, which are important for personal and professional growth. Continuous learning and development can help individuals enhance their earning potential and achieve their personal and professional goals while earning can be used to support further learning and development.


  • Here is what our student has to say about their experience during the Tech Apprenticeship Program:

Ahmad Bilal Shehanshah, a Cloud Computing student said, ‘My learning experience in IEC was transformative. It provided me with the tools and skills necessary to succeed both personally and professionally. I particularly appreciated the supportive and inclusive environment, which helped me overcome my feelings of depression and self-loathing. I am grateful for the recognition I received as a result of my hard work, and I will always be thankful for the impact this program has had on my life.’