Arsalan’s Path to Success: Forging a New Career through IEC

Arsalan's Path to Success: Forging a New Career through IEC

Arsalan, a graduate in metallurgical engineering from NED University, had been working as a service quality officer at Summit Bank since 2020. However, he was not satisfied with his income and the slow growth of the banking sector in Pakistan. 

In May 2022, he came across an IEC poster on his Facebook newsfeed and decided to join the Institute of Emerging Careers as part of the Data Science course program. After completing the coursework in November 2022, Arsalan worked on his skills through three projects and updated his LinkedIn profile and resume. Although he initially faced challenges in acing interviews due to his lack of experience and skills, he started working on improving his skills while working as a mathematics teacher in DHA School & College.

Eventually, in December 2022, a lady from HR-FWU approached Arsalan for an interview, as she was looking for mathematicians. Arsalan’s corporate experience in a bank, his background in mathematics, and his good data skills helped him secure the job. After passing two tests, one of which was extremely difficult, Arsalan was offered a job as an Associate Consultant or Business Analyst (Calculation Team) at FWU-tech, a multinational German life insurance and investment firm. In his current role, Arsalan analyzes complex models given by actuaries and interprets the formulas, and feeds them into the system, which is then given to developers to code.

In his own words, If I hadn’t joined IEC, I would be in a shell with no growth mindset and would be working in a bank, IEC optimized my life in just 9 months and my mathematics degree as well supported me to get a job in a multinational as a techno-functional guy which I could just dream off.

Arsalan credits IEC for changing his life and helping him achieve his career goals. Through the courses offered by IEC, Arsalan was able to develop his skills and receive job placement support, which ultimately led to his success.