From Madrassa Teacher to Frontend Developer – A Journey of Strength and Growth


We are excited to share the inspiring journey of Mudassir Rehman, a front-end developer who overcame various hurdles and transformed his life through the Institute of Emerging Careers (IEC). From his humble beginnings as a madrassa teacher, Mudassir’s determination and passion for learning led him to pursue a career in web development. Mudassir’s educational journey was unusual, with his schooling ending in the 6th grade. He then dedicated himself to studying Hifz at a madrassa, immersing himself in religious education. After completing his Hifz, he pursued Darse Nizami and eventually became a teacher at the madrassa. However, he realized that technology was rapidly advancing, and he needed to acquire new skills to stay relevant.

Discovering IEC:

Driven by his desire to learn and grow, Mudassir started searching for opportunities in the IT sector. It was during this quest that he came across the Institute of Emerging Careers (IEC) in 2021. Recognizing the demand for web development skills, he enrolled in IEC’s web development course, despite having no prior knowledge of English or Web Development. With an unwavering spirit and the support of our comprehensive curriculum, he quickly grasped the fundamentals and advanced concepts of web development. In just a few weeks, he became proficient in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and ReactJS. His dedication and belief in himself played a pivotal role in his accelerated learning. Upon completing the web development course, Mudassir had the opportunity to work on a team project, an NFT gallery, alongside his fellow IEC learners. This experience not only allowed him to apply his skills in a practical setting but also boosted his confidence. Soon after, he received a job offer from a company. During the interview, Mudassir was confronted with a question about a skill he hadn’t encountered before. However, instead of being discouraged, he showcased his determination by stating his willingness to learn it within a week. Impressed by his quick learning abilities, the employer recognized Mudassir’s potential and offered him a position in the company.


Mudassir Rehman’s story is proof of the power of education and the opportunities that the IEC provides to underprivileged individuals like him. His journey from a madrassa teacher to a skilled front-end developer showcases the impact IEC has on individuals’ lives, empowering them to achieve their dreams and contribute to the digital workforce. We congratulate Mudassir on his achievements and wish him continued success on his path of growth and learning!