From Uncertainty to Success: Ijaz Liaqat’s Journey with IEC


In a world where opportunities seem out of reach for underprivileged individuals, the Institute of Emerging Careers (IEC) emerges as hope, providing transformative training in technology. Today, we bring you the inspiring success story of Ijaz Liaqat, a graduate of IEC, who overcame uncertainty and found a path to success.

Before IEC:

Ijaz Liaqat, a graduate in science education, found himself in a difficult situation in his career. Uncertain about the right path to take, he felt lost and lacked the clarity needed to pursue his professional goals. It was during this time that Ijaz discovered IEC, a platform that would change his life forever.

Embracing IEC:

With the guidance and support of IEC, he started on a transformative journey. He enrolled in the Web Development course, knowing that it would help acquire him the necessary skills to excel in the ever-evolving tech industry. The course was challenging, but Ijaz was determined to push through and make the most of this opportunity. At IEC, Ijaz found a supportive community of instructors and fellow students who encouraged his growth. The instructors, experts from top software houses, provided invaluable knowledge and were always available to offer additional guidance when needed. Through rigorous training and hands-on projects, Ijaz developed a solid foundation in web development. This community played a crucial role in boosting Ijaz’s confidence and helping him overcome challenges along the way.

Transforming Success:

Armed with the skills and confidence gained from IEC, Ijaz embarked on a new chapter in his professional life. He secured a job aligned with his passion for web development, where he could put his newly acquired skills into practice. Ijaz now feels a sense of fulfillment and is motivated to continue growing and honing his skills in the field.


If you are an underprivileged individual seeking to break free from the limitations of circumstance, IEC welcomes you to embark on your own journey of transformation. Join the Institute of Emerging Careers and unlock your true potential, just as Ijaz Liaqat did.