Transforming Dreams into Reality: The Journey of Fahad Shoaib


Today, we bring you the motivating success story of a talented individual who started on a journey with IEC, paving the way for a brighter future. Meet our Data Analytics graduate Fahad Shoaib from Lahore, currently pursuing a BS in Mathematics and seeking to enhance their skills for the freelance market.

Before IEC:

Even before joining IEC’s apprenticeship program, he had already developed an interest in technology. With previous experience in Python and a handful of courses in data analytics, he already had a solid grasp of the field. The decision to join IEC was driven by the desire to prepare himself further for the freelance market and broaden his career prospects.

The IEC Experience:

He faced the first challenge of going from in-house classes to online learning. However, despite the initial hurdle, he soon discovered the unique benefits and opportunities that IEC had to offer. Throughout the cohort, he experienced a sense of engagement, driven by the support of his peers and instructors.

The Post-IEC Journey:

After graduation, the student wasted no time in utilizing their newfound skills. Within two months, he secured a remote-based internship, where he was able to apply the knowledge in practical scenarios. This internship not only provided valuable hands-on experience but also marked the beginning of his professional career.

Additionally, one of the most important aspects of our student’s journey with IEC was the supportive community. Connecting with like-minded individuals who shared his passion for data analytics and mentors who directed him toward the right path and helped shape his future in the field. While he emphasizes the importance of strong programming skills, he credits IEC for providing the platform and resources needed to enhance his talents.

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