Nurturing Talent from Sukkur: M. Waqas’s Inspiring Pathway with IEC


Today, we bring you the inspiring success story of Muhammad Waqas, a determined young individual who embarked on a life-changing journey with IEC, rewriting his future and shaping a path to success.


Discovering IEC

Coming from a Sindhi Jatoi family in Sukkur, he completed his FSc in 2022 and upon discovering IEC, he decided to take a gap year to focus on the beginning of a new chapter in his life. Little did he know that this decision would lead him toward newfound opportunities and a world of possibilities. His introduction to IEC came through an instructor, M. Umair and that ignited his passion for web development. Enrolling in the course, he started on the challenging yet fulfilling journey, equipping himself with a diverse skill set that ranged from basic email writing to database manipulation.


Navigating Challenges & Graduation

His time with IEC was not without various hurdles as he shared his initial struggles with the web development course. However, charged with determination, practice, and the guidance of Assistant Teacher Sir Ijaz, he continued. May 2023, marked a defining moment for Muhammad Waqas as he officially completed his course. The education he gained from IEC wasn’t restricted to technical skills alone; he learned professionalism, created meaningful connections with mentors, instructors, and peers, and gained exposure to his field. He aspires to complete his formal education while simultaneously leveraging his web development skills to earn a livelihood. 


Making a Meaningful Contribution 

His journey is a testament to the transformative power of IEC. From a young individual uncertain about his path to a confident and skilled web developer, he credits IEC for the important role it played in shaping his journey. With dreams of creating a significant impact in the technology industry, he is living proof of the potential that blooms when ambition meets opportunity. Through comprehensive courses, continued support, and a nurturing community, IEC is a beacon of hope for individuals like Muhmmad Waqas to rewrite their narratives and shape their destinies.