From Shahdara to Success: M. Abubakr Path to Success 


Meet Muhammad Abubkr, a determined young individual from Shahdara, whose story summarizes the essence of commitment, education, and the life-changing impact of the Institute of Emerging Careers. He comes from a family that holds the values of hard work and dedication in high regard. These values shaped his approach to education and life. After completing primary and secondary education, the path towards higher studies was clear, leading him to enroll at The University of Lahore for an undergraduate degree.

Discovering IEC

In his quest for career opportunities, he was introduced to IEC through a fellow batch-mate. The uniqueness of IEC’s model regarding professional development caught his attention, and his decision to enroll was made right away. It was not just an educational platform for him, but a doorway to a global community. Through mentor sessions, he connected with remarkable individuals from diverse backgrounds. Participating in hands-on projects further solidified the technical skills gained during the program.

Before completing his journey as an apprentice at IEC, Muhammad Abubakr secured a part-time role as a Professional Assistant at the institute itself. The skills honed during his time at IEC played a pivotal role in this achievement. Now, with this newfound knowledge and confidence, he has completed his undergraduate studies at The Univeristy of Lahore and has ventured into the professional field to seek a place in a fitting company.


Muhammad Abubakr acknowledges that enrolling in IEC was a decision that not only helped him acquire new skills but also helped him with leadership, teamwork, and effective communication. The story showcases that any individual can achieve great heights with the right education, determination, and the guidance of an institution like IEC.