With IEC, I Found Myself: A Journey of Reshaping Destiny

In a small town in Haroonabad, Punjab, a young person set out on a journey that would defy expectations and overcome challenges. This is a story of pursuing a typical career to discovering an undying passion for computer science.

A New Opportunity 

Sometimes, life takes us on a journey we least expect. It all started with a casual scroll through Facebook, where the IEC Apprenticeship Programme caught Ahmad Shehanshah’s eye. At that time, life was challenging, with limited finances and the weight of repeated failures in Chartered Accountancy (CA). Initially, he chose CA which seemed like a path to job security in Pakistan’s tough economy. It became clear that CA wasn’t the right fit for him.  And, there was a need for a change and a fresh perspective on the future.

A Life-Altering Experience with IEC

After being a part of IEC, he was able to break free from his limitations and release his deep passion for computer science. The program not only provided him with many educational and networking opportunities, but with the help of the supportive environment, he was able to overcome self-loathing and depression. 

Ahmad enrolled for a Bachelor’s in Computer Science at Virtual University after discovering his true passion for the field and is currently in the process of completing his studies. Furthermore, he recently completed an internship at Bytewise Limited as a DevOps Fellow to gain further insights into the professional world of Cloud Computing. 

A Story of Determination and Vision

In summary, this is a tale of unwavering dedication, and the courage to break free from limitations and follow one’s passions. The journey has come a long way from rough beginnings, and the future holds the promise of well-earned success.