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What is IEC Apprenticeship Program?

Our Main Courses

What We Offer

These are the range of technical courses which students can learn.
Frontend Development

Frontend Web Development

Learn Javascript, HTML & CSS and the latest web development techniques to become a full stack developer.
Data Analytics
Data Analytics
Use large volumes of data to find unseen patterns, derive meaningful insights and make business decisions.
Mobile App
Mobile App
Learn the Android 12 app development process from scratch. You’ll get to develop applications that will build your understanding as well your portfolio.
UX Design
UX Design
Learn how to apply foundational UX concepts, ideate solutions, prototype and test your designs. Build your portfolio and advance your UI/UX Design career.
Block Chain
Block Chain
Learn how to set up a private blockchain network using Hyperledger Composer, and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum.
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
Become an AWS certified professional. Master DevOps methodologies and AWS services to deliver faster and more reliable updates tocustomers.
Cyber Security
Cyber Security
Learn how to apply cyber security practices to defend internet-connected systems such as hardware, software and data from cyber threats.
Backend Development
Backend Web Development

Learn Node.Js and the latest web development techniques to become a full stack developer.


Can I Apply?

Definitely yes, if your age is 20+ and you are passionate to learn.

Financially Challenged

Preference is given to bright apprentices who have the spark to learn but financial crisis are hindering their growth

Computer & English Literacy

Basic know-how of how to use computer for learning. apprentices should be able to understand English language.

14 or more years of education
All apprentices should have a Bachelors (2 or 4 years) or equivalent degree. Anyone with a 2+ years of diploma or certification is eligible to apply. Priority will be given to unemployed grads.
Actively Looking for Jobs
Apprentices planning to pursue higher studies are not eligible. During the interviews, apprentices should demonstrate strongly they need a job. All apprentices should be available for Full-Time Tech Jobs after the course.
IEC gives preference to Unemployed Graduates or those who are willing to leave their jobs to complete the IEC Tech Apprenticeship Program
Full Time Commitment
30 to 40 hours of availability per week
Payment Models




How To Enroll For The Courses


Unemployed graduate with basic computer literacy and ability to comprehend English.


Signup on the IEC website to check eligibility and receive online test.


Finalize course to get access to LMS, instructors and IEC community


Attend orientation and clear final interview to start demo classes

We will help flood refugees EARN

IEC offers a digital skills-based apprenticeship program with a common space for flood affectees to learn, earn and get back on their feet.

If you are someone from the flood affected area, talk to us at ommer.amer@iec.org.pk

Our Expectations

Upon graduation, IEC Apprentices pledge to sponsor the cost of atleast one
Apprentice of the upcoming cohort.
Complete the technical course and professional development program.
Placement department will help you secure an entry level job.
You donate 10% of your monthly earnings to sponsor an IEC apprentice.

Our Apprentice Journey

A highly immersive web3 learning environment for those who dare.

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See what our apprentices say

The nine month journey at IEC was worth it. I diligently put in countless hours in practicing the craft. The IEC instructors and mentors met us on a weekly basis. It helped me to think big and improve myself.
I highly recommend joining this Bootcamp to students who want to learn in-demand tech skills and secure high paying jobs.
Jawad Ahmad

Data Science – Cohort 02

I am taking the UI/UX course at IEC which is a self-paced course, so it’s all on me how I want to go about the course and IEC has always supported me; no one has ever restricted or pressurized me for anything. There’s no burden on me and I can easily manage my university work while learning UX Design from IEC.

Sufian Asghar

UI/UX Design – Cohort 1

I am taking the Web Development course at IEC while also doing a full time job and it is very easy for me to manage because we’re allowed to study at our own pace. We have flexible study hours. Within one month I’ve been able to create a simple web page with the help of highly qualified instructors.

Khalil Ahmad

Web Development – Cohort 1