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Why Hire IEC Apprentices?

Better Retention
Switch to IEC to experience better retention rate of Web3 talent. Save money, time and resources.
Cost Efficient
It takes three months & thousands of dollars investment to find right fit. With IEC, it’s 10x cheaper and faster.
Higher ROI
IEC’s unique acquisition strategy enables us to source, train and deploy productive web3 talent.

How To Hire IEC Apprentices?

Choose a time. Our team will understand your talent needs and share a plan of action.
Define the timeline and delivery of talent. Partnership begins. IEC recruits and trains apprentices.
Apprentices pass the grit, knowledge and attitude tests before getting placed in your company.

IEC will help Flood Affectees EARN

IEC offers a digital skills-based apprenticeship program with a common space for flood affectees to learn, earn and get back on their feet.

If you want to contribute for the rehabilitation of the flood affectees, talk to us at ommer.amer@iec.org.pk

Discover IEC Apprentices

Review and rate Web3 portfolio Projects before making a hiring decision.

Rameesha Qamar

UI/UX Design

Cohort 1

Rameesha Qamar

Associate Product Designer at Cloudways

Cohort 1

Ijaz Liaquat

Web Development

Cohort 1

Ijaz Liaquat

Junior Web Developer at Orcalo Holdings

Cohort 1

Muhammad Munaf

UI/UX Design

Cohort 1

Muhammad Munaf

User Experience Designer at Upwork

Cohort 1

Our usp

Why Companies Prefer IEC Apprentices ?

IEC Apprentices outperform average tech talent

Taught By The Best

Every instructor has a decade long industry experience and is a renowned name.

Globally Certified

Every apprentice is certified by the credible institutes all over the world

High EQ & Grit Factor

Effective professional communicators who can work under stress and manage their work.

Highly Adaptive

Every single apprentice delivers out-of-the-box solution for every problem thrown at them.

Our Apprentice Journey

A highly immersive web3 learning environment for those who dare.

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